This website supports those who speak out against the turning of nurseries, schools, colleges and universities into competitive, authoritarian, businesses. Education in the UK, as well as many other countries, has been reduced to a testing factory, though many wonderful schools and teachers reduce the impact of governments who see the results of education in narrow numerical terms. Adult learning opportunities have been severely cut. When education focuses on a narrow range of tests, the curriculum becomes narrowed and learning opportunities are curtailed. Engagement with the arts, have been cut and this threat is increasing.
Clear, ethical thinking is a casualty of these changes. Help to expose the daily foolishness of jargon, directives, inspections and feudal style management that has undermined the creativity of educators and pushed many out of teaching. When we let small irritations pass unchallenged they can grow into abuse and leave us demoralized by our own apparent powerlessness. We want this site to contribute to our shared strength to resist.
This site draws on the simplicity of the ‘everyday sexism project’ – everdaysexism.com. To contribute to this site, you write down a story, in a few lines then press ‘send’. It will be on the site within a few hours provided it fits our broad guidelines: it reports an event or activity that opposes an education that is respectful of children, young people and/or adults, is democratic, collaborative, and encourages a love of learning for its own sake. If your story is based on someone else’s experience please check it for accuracy.You might want to draw attention to a story that you have found elsewhere.
You can get the idea of the variety of contributions by scrolling through the entries we have already received and which we have added ourselves. Bear in mind that the site will be read by people in other countries who do not know much about your education system and its jargon. Please spell out all acronyms.
A list of articles and websites that share the aims of this project can be found under ‘connections’. Please suggest any additions.
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For everyday nonsense in education.