We think it is very important that the nonsense happening in education is exposed but we know some people are reluctant to report it. They may be reticent about challenging official positions or fearful that life will be made more difficult for them as a result. Making a secure anonymous contribution can help to allay these worries.
We are absolutely committed to keeping your communications with us private. If we quote stories your wishes for anonymity will be maintained. If you are worried that an anonymised story can still be traced to you, then you might change some inessential features such as a place name or area of country in the story and the gender of the protagonists.
If you would like to take extra security precautions when you communicate generally or before sending your stories, consider the following possibilities:
  • If you are submitting stories via email, you can go to and sign up for an email address. From your hushmail account, email your report to Tony or Jill.
  • You can install and start TOR security software on your computer (this prevents anyone from viewing what websites you have accessed). You can do this at
    There is a tutorial video on how to install and operate TOR:
  • Regularly delete all browser history. Your browser history can still be found, but this makes it a little harder.
A guide to protecting online security from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:, or