I spoke to a teacher in one secondary school where there was no staffroom. I asked her if the staff could take over a classroom at lunchtime and have all the staff in there. Although that would not be ideal because you’d have to sit on plastic chairs and its not set up as a staff room, but you could at least all get together and talk. She said they would be in trouble if they were seen relaxing at lunchtime. This was in a school where there was no outside play space for the children either; a space for them to get some air and let off steam. Although there was space outside for games, lessons were at different times for different groups and the outside space was in use across the lunch period when the children had to be in the corridors or sit in classrooms. I think that kind of thing is happening a lot more now that outside space is being taken away because they don’t see it as necessary and managers think they can sell off their land for housing. I asked if, as a consequence, behaviour was a big problem in her school. And unsurprisingly she said it was.